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Parenting Skills Workshops

Join us for a comprehensive workshop led by our masters level interns to help provide a series of parenting skills workshops over June and July 2024. Our workshop is dedicated to empowering parents with essential tools for navigating moments with our children. From understanding age-appropriate behaviors to mastering effective communication skills, this workshop covers vital topics including behavior strategies, setting limits, and establishing routines. Develop techniques tailored to your child's developmental stage, and gain valuable insights to navigate everyday challenges with confidence. Engage in interactive Q&A sessions to address your specific concerns and leave feeling equipped and empowered to foster a supportive and harmonious family environment. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your parenting journey!

Workshop Focus

  • Age Appropriate Behaviors

  • Behavior Strategies

  • Communication Skills

  • Setting Limits/ Routines

  • Specific Q/As

Workshop Schedule

All workshops will be hosted on site at the ABC's office and by Zoom at 6pm-7pm

Parenting Skills Ages 2-7:

English workshop hosted June 10, 2024

Spanish workshop hosted June 17, 2024

Parenting Skills Ages 8-13:

English workshop hosted June 24, 2024

Spanish workshop hosted July 1, 2024

Parenting Skills Ages 14-17:

English workshop hosted July 8, 2024

Spanish workshop hosted July 15, 2024


In person workshop $10

Zoom participation $5

We look forward to having you join us for our events! If you'd like further information, contact our office at 786-536-9714 or email us at or


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